Strip Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma

This site exists to amend the lack of strip versions of the game theoretic problem the Prisoner's Dilemma. The basic scenario is a slight abberation from the original. You can reload the game by choosing a new opponent.
Anyway, you and are both captured by the police after a failed crime of some sort. You are kept in isolation in a cold cell from each other and the police asks you both a lot of questions, offering you both the same deal for each question: if you rat on your comrade-in-crime and your comrade-in-crime stays silent your comrade has to give you an item of clothing. If you both rat both will have to remove an item of clothing. If you stay silent and your comrade-in-crime rats, you must give up an item of clothing. If neither cooperates neither has to give up anything. Then, at dawn, when you are both executed, whoever has the most clothes wins.
So, in response to question number 1, do you or ?
You are currently wearing Question history Your comrade-in-crime is currently wearing
Question # Your response Comrade's response Outcome